888 Broadway

Renovating an iconic New York asset.

Location New York, NY
Size 222,000 SF
Type Office
Strategy Development
Status Unrealized

222,000 SF primed for grand achievements.

Set in the midst of Manhattan’s Midtown South, 888 Broadway is an iconic property well known as the home to beloved New York staples ABC Carpet & Home, abc cocina, abc Kitchen and abcV. Today, it offers 222,000 SF of ideally located office space, just steps away from world-renowned restaurants, seamless transportation connections, and an unrivaled world of opportunity.

Built 1881

Repositioned 2021

$ 0 M

Renovation to modernize the property, inside and out


Netflix and ABC Carpet

Entirely renovated for new ideals and ideas.

Our team planned and executed a full-building renovation, featuring a new office lobby with a repositioned entrance, addition of a penthouse and rooftop terrace, plus updated elevators, restrooms, building systems and glazing for peak performance. Throughout the revitalization, striking details were kept to preserve the integrity of the architecture, creating an inspired office space that rises to the challenge of honoring New York’s prestige, while also meeting its ever-changing needs.

Ensuring best-in-class buildings is more than our specialty, it’s our promise. At Cannon Hill, we pursue top industry certifications in order to provide infrastructure and service that maximizes the health, productivity, and satisfaction of every tenant our properties serve.

Repositioned for the leaders of tomorrow.

The new and improved version of 888 Broadway is now up to date with modern workforce demands, as proven by its ability to serve and maintain anchor tenants such as Netflix and Atlassian. The repositioned entrance on 38 East 19th St. is smartly poised to stabilize remaining vacancy, setting this unique office space up for an impressive future of continued influence.